3 DIM fibers offer you state of the art performance due to a unique combination of a perfectly shaped hook, a highly ductile wire, and an extreme resistance to traction. The exceptional performance of 3 DIM fibers in the concrete transforms them into the perfect solution for structural applications, including foundations, rafts, and even suspended structures.

With 3 DIM fibers, performance lasts in time – even in the most stressful applications and most difficult circumstances. The durability of this type of fiber is the highest.

Due to its unique characteristics and capabilities, the 3 DIM series pushes the limits of what was considered possible with reinforcing steel fibers. Therefore, design possibilities become infinite.

The 3 DIM fiber is structured so as to form a perfect anchor – the tearing mechanism is replaced by the elongation fiber. Due to the ‘perfect anchor’ design, the fiber cannot be pulled out and does not move inside the concrete. In exchange, the wire is elongated and provides ductility based on the same principle as for the traditional reinforcing steel. This is only possible with a ductile steel wire of higher and exceptional quality.

3 DIM steel fiber is used for the most demanding structural applications.


3 DIM metallic fibers can be used with the following dimensions:

  1. Diameter range
  2. Lengths
  3. Resistance (T/S)
  1. 0.5 mm – 1.2 mm
  2. 30, 50, 60 mm (most frequent)
  3. 1100 ÷ 2700 N/mm²

Packing solutions provided by Fibro Metals: bags or cardboard boxes of 20 kg and cardboard boxes of 6.25 kg.
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