FIBRO METALS – metallic fibers for concrete reinforcement

Fibro Metals metallic fibers are the result of 10 years of innovating ideas, international experience, and professionalism.

We are a company with a private majority capital, with more than 10 years of experience and successes. This is proven by the wide portfolio of diverse clients, according to the profile and project to which our fiber can contribute significantly.

We collaborate with companies all over the world, companies which in time have remained our loyal partners in the construction industry.
We are a big and solid team. Our production line, our certifications, our favorable results, and our satisfied clients recommend our professionalism.


And this remains the motto we use for our daily activity, to the smallest detail.

More specifically, our metallic fibers represent the result of 30 years of innovative ideas in the area, international experience and professionalism in the relationship we have created with our clients and with our partners.
Excellence is the core on which we build our relationship with the clients, by offering specialized support.

We take on different projects and the challenges launched by the clients in any of the areas of the construction industry. Our basis is a high performance production platform which meets the requirements of the clients and of the always changing market for construction materials.


The quality management promoted by Fibro Metals is based on a wide technical experience in the industry for manufacturing metallic fibers, and operates with high performance, based on the following principles:

  • PROFESSIONALISM – principle which ensures the satisfaction and trust of our clients and of our suppliers, in the products and the activity carried out;
  • FLEXIBILITY IN COMMUNICATION AND IDEAS – principle which ensures the successful implementation of innovative ideas related to our products and our production means;
  • RESPONSIBILITY ŞI PROMPTNESS – these are the principles which govern and characterize the Fibro Metals team each day!

Our company has a modern production hall in Constanta, the start point of our fibers both locally, and to our external partners.

For all the projects we carry out, our goal is to remain a reliable and trustworthy partner!
Our fibers are made of cold-drawn steel wire.