Corrugated metallic fibers for the disperse reinforcement of concrete are made of cold-drawn steel wire, with low carbon content.

Corrugated fibers offer a better reinforcement of the concrete with a significant increase in energy takeover and vibration decreasing, as compared to the reinforcement with welded mesh.
Repeated tests have proven that the corrugated shape represents the main factor for an optimum anchoring in the concrete mould, thus giving automatic control on the deformation due to contraction.

That is why, when you choose the type of metallic fiber fit for your project, you have to know the behavior thereof during the homogenization process and after casting, in order to obtain quality cement, with maximum:

  • resistance to the stress due to circular elongation by bending
  • resistance to shearing
  • resistance to torsion
  • control over subsequent deformations
  • success in removing cracks caused by contraction


Corrugated metallic fibers can be used with the following dimensions:

  1. Diameter range
  2. Lengths
  3. Resistance (T/S)
  1. 0.5 mm – 1.2 mm
  2. 30, 50, 60 mm (most frequent)
  3. 1100 ÷ 2700 N/mm²

Packing solutions provided by Fibro Metals: bags or cardboard boxes of 20 kg and cardboard boxes of 6.25 kg.
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