Metallic fibers for the disperse reinforcement of concrete are made of cold-drawn steel wire, with low carbon content.
According to the specific requirements of your project, we have:

  • Tongued metallic fibers
  • Corrugated metallic fibers

Even though one of the main fields for the use of metallic fibers is the construction of floors, it is also used in several other construction projects, from consolidation – of structural pillars, of hillsides, of tunnels, to the construction of airplane tracks or the manufacturing of precast elements.
Fiber design, an important factor!

The general length and geometry of the metallic fibers used for concrete reinforcement indicate and ensure an increased performance of the concrete in case of micro-cracks, and even after the occurrence of micro-cracks.

The aspect of the fibers influences significantly the potential for flexibility (removal of welded mesh), for the decreasing of vibration, and for the resistance to dynamic stress of the cast concrete.

The tongued metallic fibers have been created to increase the bind between the reinforcement/fiber and the cement, the ‘tongues’ being the best way to increase the resistance to cracks, micro-cracks, and shearing


Tongued metallic fibers can be used with the following dimensions:

  1. Diameter range
  2. Lengths
  3. Resistance (T/S)
  1. 0.5 mm – 1.2 mm
  2. 30, 50, 60 mm (most frequent)
  3. 1100 ÷ 2700 N/mm²

Packing solutions provided by Fibro Metals: bags or cardboard boxes of 20 kg and cardboard boxes of 6.25 kg.
We are ready to deliver anywhere and at any time in the country and abroad, by road or by sea.